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As many have often surmised, cats are the dominant species of this world. There is yet another world, far from this one, where cats walk upright and live in towers devoted to the study of spell craft. All cats have innate magic, but few choose to devote their life to studying it. These are the Nekomancers, and their world is one of sorcery and wonder. 

While some Nekomancers choose to seek political appointment, most live in peace and spend their time studying. Research, quiet contemplation, and preservation of knowledge, followed by a hot cup of tea is the daily routine of most students at the Academy of Nekomantic Arts.   

Nekomancy is a game for 1-5 players, with up to 4 players taking on the role of Feline Adventurers and the 5th taking on the role of Professor of Magic (or PM). Nekomancy can be played with or without a PM, though without one, it has a maximum of 4 players. For more info on a PM-less game, see Options for PM-less Play.

Before playing, check and see if you have the necessary spellcasting ingredients listed below. If you have all of the necessary ingredients and possibly a few of the optional ones, you are ready to proceed!

You’ll need at least one copy of:

  • This Game
  • A Tarot deck
    • See options for Play Without Tarot if necessary

Feline Adventurers will need:

  • A willingness to play cooperatively
  • The ability to make unconventional decisions

The Professor of Magic will need:

  • To encourage and challenge the Feline Adventurers
  • A sense of flexibility and fun

You may also want:

  • A notebook and pencil
  • Cat ears
  • Warm beverages

Welcome to the world of Nekomancy

CategoryPhysical game
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GenreRole Playing
TagsCats, Cozy, Cute, Fantasy, LGBTQIA, Magic, Queer, Relaxing, Tarot


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