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You've always wondered what was just beyond the doors of the spooky house at the end of the block. Turns out, it's full of Draculas. Now, those Draculas are you.

Oops, All Draculas! is a Buddy System game using either tarot or Dracula by Bram Stoker and can be played with or without a GM.  

Oops, All Draculas! is a d6 (six-sided die) dice pool game using either tarot or "Dracula" by Bram Stoker (or your favorite Dracula book, do you, live your best Dracula life) and can be played with or without a Dracula Master. In it, you play as various styles of Dracula all living together in a home of your design. Whether from internal or external forces, shenanigans ensue. Be they Dracula hunters, new Draculas  in town, werewolves, or the hated Home Ownership Association, a Dracula's life is never easy. 

Choose your Dracula archetype and assign statistics to your Dracula abilities. Choose your familiar, and then create your home as a group. Whenever you come up against something that requires rolling ---if something is uncertain---roll as many d6s as you have in the relevant statistic. 5s and 6s are successes. If a fellow Dracula helps you, add +1d6 for each helper. If your familiar can help, add +1d6 for them as well. Lastly, if rolling while in your home, add an additional +1d6. Beware of magical backfire, however! Things can go very wrong when too many Draculas put their magic together...

Thanks to our wonderful Crowdfundr backers, Oops, All Draculas! is now featuring art by Kata Kemi, Nataša Ilinčić, Théo Legouis, Rori Mackenzie, David Markiwsky,  Xan Larson, and character sheets by Saga Mackenzie.

Choose your Dracula archetype

Aristocratuse your wealth and animal magnetism to bring others under your spell

Innocuous: catch the unsuspecting with your doe eyes and deadly fangs

Nosferatucontrol dreams and shadows with your ancient powers

Sentimentalist: find a mortal muse and artistic purpose to keep your undeath worth living

Techno: party all night and prepare for war on behalf of all Dracula-kind

Choose a minion

Create your home

Shape your world

Now available in print from Indie Press Revolution andPlus One Exp!


Buy Now$15.00 USD or more

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Looks great! It was a pleasure to be in the Queer Halloween Stories Bundle with you!


I love the potential for a fully dark comedy one-shot, especially the way combining powers can backfire spectacularly!

I made a short video about the game:

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Thank you so much for the video! You are too kind! (One note: my name is misspelled in the video title. It's a C in my last name, not a K)


Oh no, my apologies! I'll fix it where I am able!