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SQUAD GOALS is a Saturday morning cartoon styled game where a team of great women from world folklore and mythology combine their skills to solve a problem. Problems can be as wide-ranging as helping a child find their lost kitten to saving a village from a rampaging dragon. There may be an over-arching nemesis working against them (in the style of Dr. Claw or Hordak) or they could simply be battling “monster of the week” scenarios. Each Heroine has her own unique skillset, and no one can solve every problem on her own.  Teamwork and cooperation will lead to the most successful outcomes.

The world of SQUAD GOALS is full of magic, mystery, and plenty of citizens in need of rescue. Each Heroine is from a rich and vibrant culture, but they are all united by their powerful abilities and their sense of the greater good. Together, they are an unstoppable team. 

Play as: 

  • Clíodhnda, the Irish Queen of the Banshees
  • Iara, the Brazilian warrior mermaid with a beautiful voice
  • Nia Ngao Zhua Pa, the Hmong part-dragon lightning-wielder
  • Running Deer, the Cherokee woman sometimes better known as the Wampus Cat
  • Skuld, the Valkyrie shieldmaiden and Norn
  • Thákane, the Basotho princess and dragon-slayer

Fight dragons, demons, irritating men, and more!

CategoryPhysical game
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GenreRole Playing
TagsCute, Fairy Tale, Fantasy, Feel Good, Female Protagonist, Lesbian, LGBTQIA, mythology, Superhero
Average sessionA few hours


Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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What other games inspired the design of Squad Goals?

I was inspired by several games whose mechanics and ideas I tried to synthesize within the small time frame of Folklore Jam and World Mythology Jam. The ones I was particularly inspired by were Threadbare, Dungeon World, Epyllion, Spire, and Dinosaur Princesses.  Threadbare, Dungeon World, and Epyllion are some of my favorite PbtA games that utilize the mechanics beautifully and are a joy both to run and play. Spire is wonderful for small groups and excels at team-oriented tasks. Dinosaur Princesses is my favorite family friendly RPG that came out this past year, and I really recommend it to anyone, but particularly families with younger children. 

A great PbtA game where you get to play as heroines from folklore and mythology. Each heroine has their unique abilities and powers. Get it if you like heroines and/or folklore!

Aww, thank you Arthur! :)